First bees in a hive owned by beekeeper Calvin King

Get Started in No Time!

We currently do not have any dates scheduled for this course, but if you would like to be notified of future dates, please call us at (770) 229-3477.

This dynamic class is the most comprehensive overview of raising honeybees imaginable. How do you start beekeeping? Learn the ends and outs. Enjoy the journey! This short course gets you started in just a few hours. Learn from the best - beekeeper Jim Quick. You will learn about the biology of the honeybee - life history, activities and reproduction. What are you first considerations and how do you obtain honeybees will covered, along with safety considerations. How about the equipment? Yes. Find out about protective clothing, tools, smokers, special equipment, etc. You will learn about bee hives and the assembly of hive components. As for honeybee management, the course covers apiary site, bee food sources, hive inspection, bee diseases, pests, swarm control, bee feeding and more. Most important, learn honey harvesting, extraction, storage and packaging. And, you get all your questions answered in the process. It is a fun day of honeybee education.

Registration Fee: $15
Location: UGA Stuckey Auditorium
Date and Time: TBD
Instructor: Jim Quick

To register, download a registration form (pdf), complete the form and fax back to us at (770) 233-6180, or to register over the phone call us at (770) 229-3477.