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Psych Day at UGA 

Everyday Psychology: Food, Money, Politics--and Drugs in the Afternoon

UGA Griffin Campus, Griffin, GA                 To register: Click Here

Friday March 20, 2015   

8:00am - 4:30pm



Welcome Mental Health Professional!

The University of Georgia is offering an outstanding conference program for psychologists and mental health professionals  on Friday, March 20, 2015. The conference, themed Everyday Psychology: Food, Money, Politics—and Drugs in the Afternoon,  explores psychologys interface with politics, food safety, and gambling. You will hear about the importance of the psychology professional in today’s world and of individual stories of everyday people dealing with life’s issues. Finally, our afternoon session alerts you to  the ten top psychopharmacologic emergencies and strategies to deal with them.

Psych Day at UGA topics and presenters: 


Title:  The Top Ten Psychopharmacologic Emergencies:  Identification & Response

Speaker:  Perry W. Buffington, Ph.D.

Medication errors, including psychopharmacologic ones, are a regrettable fact of modern life.  Moreover, in today's economically-conscious times, they are thought to represent an astronomical cost of $172 billion annually.  While this seminar will present a root cause analysis, and certainly offer strategies for patient safety/efficacy, to ultimately reduce the number of errors, one simple premise is key.  Psychopharmacologic errors cannot be prevented until you know what they are.  Awareness of the "what should I look for" and “how do they manifest" is pre-requisite knowledge prior to any prevention. After identifying the most common pharmacologic emergencies, it's possible for psychologists to better understand, to more effectively monitor, to ultimately reduce the probability of, and to minimize psychopharmacologic errors.  Knowing what to look for, then reporting those worrisome observations is the first step in preventing exigencies which can easily turn into costly life-threatening mistakes.

Title:  The Psychology of Food Safety: Making Bad Habits Good

Speaker:  Cyndie Story, Ph.D.

Want to learn how food can bug you?  Pathogens know you better than you know them, which is why the U.S. has over 48 million cases of foodborne illness every year. Knowledge alone will not help you; add to it a little psychology and cleanliness techniques, and we can all practice good food safety.  Understand that poor personal hygiene truly is a stroke of bad luck, so be a man (or woman) and turn bad food safety habits into good.


 Title: Today’s Modern Psychology:  A More Than Helpful Profession

Speaker:  Jennifer Smith, Psy.D.

The importance of psychology as a profession will be discussed, including development of evidence-based treatments, keeping up with technology and the specific skills and abilities psychologists have to offer.  The future of leadership and advocacy for psychology will also be discussed.

 Title:  The Psychology of Successful Political Campaigns

Speaker:  Bill Crane

When it comes to politics, politicians are masters of social psychology.  They know that “facts” only become wed to memory when these “facts” attack multiple parts of the brain simultaneously.  Political ads all use humor, music, and/or images which will trigger an emotional response.  Additionally, the 2014 election cycle results were driven largely by three different factors.   This seminar discusses these three manipulators and how you can look past them to see the true facts!  It’s not what politicians say, it’s how they say it that persuades!

 Title: Decision Making, Personality, and Their Roles in Problem Gambling

Speaker:  Adam S. Goodie, Ph.D.

This talk presents findings from research within the Georgia Decision Lab (GDL) that combines basic cognition, addictive gambling disorder, and personality research.  Recent research demonstrates that individuals are more prone to accept risk when they perceive control over probabilities, and GDL research suggests that perceived control exerts influence in the superstitions and “systems” that problem gamblers often exhibit.  Furthermore, several cognitive distortions play significant roles in predicting gambling pathology, most prominently the Gambler’s Fallacy (for example, believing your favorite team or lottery number is more likely to win if it has been losing recently).   This seminar will explore those cognitive distortions and demonstrate how they affect life’s everyday gambles and pathological ones!  The result:  Unexpected and undesirable implications. 

Psych Day at UGA is free and open to the public. The conference runs from 8 am to 4:30 pm and features six sessions that focus on the theme “Everyday Psychology: Food, Money, Politics—and Drugs in the Afternoon.”  Topics include the psychology of food safety, the psychology of successful political campaigns, the role of decision-making and personality in gambling, and the top ten psychopharmacologic emergencies.

This conference satisfies the Bi-annual Continuing Education Requirements for licensed Georgia psychologists under Area III, Workshops and Institutes and is approved Georgia Psychological Association for 6+ CEUs. CEU credits applied for. See Registration information below. 

Psych Day schedule:


Welcome & Introduction of Day’s Master of Ceremonies
Doris Christopher, Ph.D., Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, UGA Griffin
W. Keith Campbell, Ph.D., Head, Department of Psychology, UGA
Cyndie Story, Ph.D., President, Culinary Solutions Centers, LLC
The Psychology of Food Safety: Making Bad Habits Good
9:15am–9:45am Jennifer Smith, Psy.D., President, Georgia Psychological Association
Today’s Modern Psychology:  A More Than Helpful Profession
10:00am--11:00am Bill Crane, Principal, CSI Crane, Media Relations/Strategy; WSB News Commentator
The Psychology of Successful Political Campaigns
Dink NeSmith, President, Community Newspapers, Inc.; Former Chairman, University System of Georgia Board of Regents
You Can’t Make This Stuff Up:  There’s a Story in Every Life
Adam S. Goodie, Ph.D., Professor, and Director, Center for Gambling Research;
Department of Psychology, UGA
Gambling:  Decision Making, Personality & Their Roles in Problem Gambling
Perry W. Buffington, Ph.D., Lecturer, Department of Psychology, UGA
The Top Ten Psychopharmacologic Emergencies:  Identification & Response


Workshop Location and Directions

The workshop will be on the UGA Griffin Campus, 301 Higgins Road, Student Learning Center, Room 104,  Griffin, GA 30223. Directions:  Click for directions to the UGA Griffin Campus. You may register for the workshop below.

Workshop Registration Fees and Schedule Information

FREE Registration 8 AM - 4:30PM  -  free to attend if you do NOT need CE credit.
$99 Full Day
8AM - 4:30PM -   6+ CEUs; $99 if you need CEU credits.
Location: Student Learning Center, Room 104          


How To Register:
To register  at no charge (you will not receive CE credit hours) - click HERE

To register for the entire day and receive CE credit hours ($99)- click HERE


By mail or fax:  Click here  to download and print our registration form.  Fill out and mail your registration and payment to the Office of Continuing Education, The University of Georgia, Griffin Campus, Stuckey Conference Center, Room 125, 1109 Experiment St., Griffin, GA 30223.  To register by fax, fax your completed registration form to 770-233-6180.  Payment is by credit card only when faxing in your registration form. 
By telephone:  Our phone number is 770-229-3477.  When registering by phone, payment is by credit card only.


Meet Your Workshop Presenter

Dr. Perry BuffingtonPerry W. Buffington, Ph.D., earned his Ph.D. from the University of Kentucky and his postdoctoral masters in Clinical Psychopharmacology from Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Buffington is currently professor, Department of Psychology, University of Georgia and Georgia Southern University, teaching psychopharmacology.  Dr. Buffington has completed his residencies in psychopharmacology and passed the the Pharmacology Examination for Psychologists (PEP).  With over twenty-five years of private, consulting practice, Dr. Buffington is also the author of numerous popular-oriented psychology books; syndicated newspaper columnist for Universal Press; contributing editor for Delta Air Lines' in-flight magazine, Sky; and visiting instructor for The Disney Institute.  His current interests concern minimizing psychopharmacologic errors, drug adherence, and encouraging psychologists to become more proactive in the prescribing process. 


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