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Homeland Security & Emergency Management Homeland Security & Emergency Management Institute

A Professional Program to Train Today's Security & Response Leaders offering an Executive Certificate in:

Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Certificates in Specialist Tracks
Specialist of Homeland Security
Specialist of Emergency Management
Specialist in Homeland Security and Emergency Management Technology

For more information, download the brochure. 

Greetings and welcome to the Institute! We are excited about what we believe is a ground breaking program that will bring the best from the public and private sector together to ready our communities and country for a wide array of disasters and harmful treats. The concept of a public/private approach to Homeland Security and Emergency Management offers unique opportunities for expanded and total community readiness. Today's practitioners understand the need for interoperability and seamless communications when planning, responding, and mitigating acts of terror and disasters. When a disaster or threat occurs, the critical resources and valuable assets of all public and private entities are relied upon to restore civility and calm the fears of an anxious public. "Prevention and Preparedness" is the cornerstone of the profession of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. The University of Georgia, Griffin Campus seeks to enhance the knowledge and skills of practitioners and leaders through a Professional Program that expands the competencies required for successful community planning.

Engaging Innovative Thought & Diverse Backgrounds
The Homeland Security & Emergency Management Institute of UGA-Griffin offers a unique approach to developing those community planning, problem-solving, and decision-making skills necessary for a holistic readiness initiative. In traditional programs, public or government employees served as the target audience for student recruitment. In this program, the opportunity of bringing professionals from both the public and private sectors will foster innovative approaches to solutions and inspire creative policies and solutions.

About the Institute
The University of Georgia, Griffin Campus recognizes the complex issues and challenges that face today's security and disasters specialists. In order to address the critical needs of practitioners, the Institute of Homeland Security & Emergency Management engages leaders from both the public and private sectors to increase their tactical readiness through intensive study in real-world applications.

Practitioners will have the opportunity to learn in a professional environment, surrounded by their Homeland Security and Emergency Management peers. The Institute is comprised of seven modules, each offering a modern and comprehensive approach to community readiness and strategic security solutions. Each module is one-week in length, utilizing 40 hours of instructional time, taught at the University of Georgia, Griffin Campus. On completion of all seven modules, you receive the Executive Certificate in Homeland Security & Emergency Management. Professionals with busy schedules can also choose to pursue a 'Specialist Track' in one of three disciplines:

  • Specialist in Homeland Security
  • Specialist in Emergency Management
  • Specialist in Homeland Security and Emergency Management Technology

A Specialist Track consists of three modules that offer the practitioner a concentrated focus on their preference from three discipline choices.

The Modules
The Executive Certificate of the Homeland Security & Emergency Management Institute is comprised of Seven Modules, each tailored to provide the professional with a broad, yet detailed, knowledge of the Security & Preparedness discipline. The Specialist Tracks are composed of 3 of the listed modules, tailored to meet the needs of the busy professional with a more concentrated focus on their chosen discipline. The three Specialist tracks are: Specialist in Emergency Management, Specialist in the Technology of Home Security and Emergency Management, and Specialist in Homeland Security. To see a graphic, click on this link to the Specialist Tracks.

Module One
Introduction to Emergency Management and Community Preparedness
Dates TBD

Module Two
Fundamentals and U.S. Law of Homeland Security
Dates TBD

Module Three
Public Administration -- Homeland Security & Emergency Management
Dates TBD

Module Four
Technology of Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Dates TBD

Module Five
Terrorism & Public Policy
Dates TBD

Module Six
Emergency Weather Planning & Response
Dates TBD

Module Seven
CBRNE & Transportation Issues
(Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives)
Dates TBD

Program Goals and Objectives
The Homeland Security & Emergency Management Institute of UGA-Griffin was created to promote professionalism and expand the knowledge base of practitioners and future leaders. From our first rate faculty, you receive the best thinking and best practices on prevention, mobilization, and optimal outcomes in the event of a disaster, homeland treat or attack. Specifically, the program will focus on:

  • Bringing together the best assets and resources from both the public and private sector entities of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
  • Promote interoperability among agencies, businesses, governments, and citizens by engaging in critical-thinking lectures, exercises, and group dynamics.
  • Explore diverse areas of knowledge as they apply to the total concept of community preparedness and security platforms.
  • Expose participants to the latest technology related to homeland security and emergency management -- its benefits and usage.
  • Prepare professionals to assume leadership roles in their jurisdictions, companies, or organizations.
  • Utilize the content of each module to help professionals evaluate the status of their agency, company, or organization as it relates to preparedness.

Program Highlights

  • Module-based program that allows students to focus intensely on their studies in a one-week, 40 hour format
  • Diversity of subjects will allow professionals to gain a broad understanding of a wide array of current topics and contemporary issues in the field of Homeland Security and Emergency Management.
  • Insightful instruction from top experts with real world experience and practical knowledge.
  • Flexibility in the Cohort Model, allowing students to achieve graduation from the Institute in case of scheduling conflicts.
  • Provides an excellent credential and exposes a proactive status for the industry professional.
  • Excellent return-on-investment. Per module cost is considerably lower than comparable programs.
  • Conveniently located in the Metro Atlanta area in a state-of-the art environment.
  • Continuing Education Credits for most professional organizations.

Qualifications for Application

  • Participants must be U.S. citizens.
  • Participants must be affiliated or employed with a public or private entity that performs a Homeland Security or Emergency Management mission.
  • All applicants should be aware that the University of Georgia, Griffin Campus, reserves the right to conduct a background investigation for acceptance into the program.
  • Applicants must be aware that some of the content of this course is sensitive material and should be treated with complete discretion.

Continuing Education Units
The Homeland Security and Emergency Management Institute will provide outline materials and provide assistance to students who wish to petition their accrediting agencies for CEU's and/or accredited training.

Registration Information
The registration fee is $250 for each week-long module. It covers most instructional materials. It also includes coffee and water on arrival. It does not cover breakfast, dinner, lodging, health insurance, or transportation. Each participant is responsible for these costs. There are seven modules in the entire Program. Enrollment is limited to 40 participants. You receive a $105 discount if you pay for all 7 modules when you register for the program. The Program registration fee, in this case, is $1,645. If you elect one of the Specialist Tracks, you receive a $55 discount by paying for all three modules in the Specialist Track when you register for the program. The registration fee is only $695.

How to Register

By mail: Mail your registration and payment to Office of Continuing Education, The University of Georgia, Griffin Campus, 1109 Experiment St., Griffin, GA 30223.

In Person: Come to the Office of Continuing Education, which is located in the Stuckey Conference Center, Room 125, on the Griffin Campus. Business hours are 8 am-5 pm, M-F.

By telephone: Our telephone number is 770.229.3477. When registering by phone, payment is by credit card only.

By fax: Fill out your registration form and fax it to 770.233.6180. Payment is by credit card only.

Online:  Click here to register online using a credit card for payment. 

Cancellations, Refunds, and Substitutions

You may cancel up to one week before the upcoming module begins and receive a full refund less a cancellation charge. There is a $25 per person charge if you cancel. If you are able to cancel your registration at least a week prior to the upcoming module, you will not be eligible for a refund. You are liable for the full registration fee. You may, however, substitute another person in your place. Notify our office if you want this option. If the program is canceled by The University of Georgia, you will receive a 100% refund.

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