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Beer BrewingBeer Brewing Basics: Learn to Brew Beer at Home in One Session

Want to cook up your own special beer brew at home?  Or, maybe you just want to - quickly and painlessly - find out how good beer is made?  Take this course with Jailhouse Brewing Company.  This course gives participants a working knowledge of the langugage of brewing and the basics of the brewing processes.  It will enable new brewers to determine which home brewing strategies are best suited for their space and resources, allowing them to shop with confidence and avoid some common pitfalls in early batches. 

Generally, beer is four things: water, barley, hops and yeast.  The basic steps of the brewing process are creating wort (extract, mini-mash and all-grain brew mixtures) adding hops, fermenting, carbonating and packaging.  We begin with fermentation (the most critical part of the process) and move to the mash and boil, recipe formulation and packaging.  Although brewing takes a significant amount of practice, you will leave this class well on your way to impressing friends and family with your newly acquired brewing skills. 

Sessions: 1; TBD

Location: Jailhouse Brewing Company, 8 Cherry Street, Hampton, GA (alley behind E. Main Street)
Instructor:  Glenn Golden, Owner
Equipment Needed for Course:  Notepad with pen or pencil
Cost: $39
Materials Fee: $5 (covers grain, hops, yeast, propane, etc.)

To Register, click on Registration Form, complete the form and fax back to us at (770) 233-6180, or to register over the phone call us at (770) 229-3477.



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